AVS recently celebrated its 80th year in business at our manufacturing location in Lawrenceville, GA, and we were honored with an appearance from Asa Phillips, Jr., the Ventvisor® pioneer and president of AVS for over 50 years.

In 1935, Asa Phillips started Auto Ventshade®, in Jacksonville, FL. The company was built around the innovation of the Ventshade®, which mounted above car windows letting fresh air in while keeping the rain and wind out when the window was open. Originally offered only in metal, the Ventshade® became a popular automotive accessory and led to the development of the plastic Ventvisor® side window deflector by Mr. Phillips’ son, Asa Phillips Jr. Lund International acquired AVS in 1998, and the brand has become synonymous with Ventvisor® side window deflectors, hood protection, and other innovative products.

Lund International is proud to showcase the AVS brand, and looks forward to the next 80 years of innovation and keeping the brand “Ahead of the Curve.”

Click to watch video from the AVS 80th Celebration.